Here is the latest published literature and research findings as we move closer to a cure for Melanoma. Please check back often, I will update and provide links to all pertinent medical Melanoma research.

Comparative profile of cutaneous adverse events: BRAF/MEK inhibitor combination therapy versus BRAF monotherapy in melanoma

Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment Strategies for BRAF-Mutated Metastatic Melanoma

Detection of GNAQ mutations and reduction of cell viability in uveal melanoma cells with functionalized gold nanoparticles

DNA and aptamer stabilized gold nanoparticles for targeted delivery of anticancer therapeutics

Low-dose inhalation of interleukin-2 bio-chemotherapy for the treatment of pulmonary metastases in melanoma patients

Merkel cell carcinoma: mitoses, expression of Ki-67 and bcl-2 correlate with disease progression

Metformin and trametinib have synergistic effects on cell viability and tumor growth in NRAS mutant cancer

Mutant NRASQ61 shares signaling similarities across various cancer types – potential implications for future therapies

Mycoplasma pneumoniae-associated mucositis – case report and systematic review of literature

Single-point mutation detection in RNA extracts using gold nanoparticles modified with hydrophobic molecular beacon-like structures

The Risk of Melanoma in Airline Pilots and Cabin Crew A Meta-analysis

The Risk of Melanoma in Pilots and Cabin Crew: UV Measurements in Flying Airplanes