Scott has a deep passion for this cause and the mission of The Melanoma Coalition following the loss of his step son, Connor, at the age of 20 from this horrible disease.

Scott is Senior Vice President, E-Business, for Advance Auto Parts. He became involved in Melanoma advocacy and co-founded The Melanoma Coalition after the death of his beloved step-son in 2014. Scott has been a Fortune 500 senior executive for the past 15 years, with expertise in all aspects of e-commerce and SAAS (software as a service) products. He has deep experience in website development, website customer experience and digital marketing (SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, email database marketing). He also has deep experience in call center management and product management, as well as product merchandising. In his most recent role, his team, comprised of employees, consultants, and third party employees—both onshore and offshore—numbers over 200 employees, and conducts transactions nearing $1 billion in revenue.